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TopMetSat App

Satellite, radar and lightning Images - straight into the cockpit

TopMetSat offers easy access to the TopMeteo satellite images during the flight.

For free in the following app stores

Why should I use TopMetSat?

The app offers high-quality satellite and radar images, especially for pilots, in Europe and southern Africa. Even during flight, it is easy to display the last downloaded pictures.

What is the power of TopMetSat?

One click! One pic!

How does it work?

TopMetSat communicates over the regular mobile internet. The intelligent connection management allows you to download images, even if the connection is bad or intermittent. In automatic mode the app persistently looks for a possible connection while you can concentrate on flying.

Price and Connection

  • Images at 00, 06, 12 und 18 UTC are available to all users free of charge
  • After a TopMeteo connection, the satellite and radio images of the connected TopMeteo subscription can be seen
  • For full access, the Option TopMetSat App is required (already included in Europe Superflat)
  • Next step: establish TopMeteo Connection
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