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Hang gliders and paragliders - dream away at the sky!


Never miss a good day

You need data on cloud base height, average climb or cloud distribution? Detailed hourly or well-arranged daily forecasts!

You need easy access to the services using a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet? TopMeteo is your partner of choice.

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  • Special charts for hang and paragliders
  • e.g. cloud base and cloud distribution
  • Loop function
  • Daily and hourly charts
Pot. Flight Distance PFD e.g. Potential
Flight Distance (PFD)
  • Visible, Infrared, Colored
  • Special Fog Images
  • Lightning
  • Radar
Sat visible Sat visible
  • All data from one place
  • Choose your favoured spot
  • Overview of daily forecast
  • Easy to interpret
Site Forecast Site Forecast
  • Current weather notifications
  • Individual routes
  • Colored weather limitations
  • Create a route with two clicks on the map
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